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cincinnati reds burlap print

cincinnati reds burlap print

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cincinnati reds framed burlap print

frame size: 20x9"
frame color: black
unframed size: 18x7"
ink color: red
burlap color: natural

our process:

THE DESIGN: each design is created in house.
THE SCREEN: once the design is created, we make the screen which will be used to hand press the print. a dark room, transparency paper and emulsion are used during this process. you can find a picture of our screens in our shop bio.
THE PRINT: after the screen is prepared, we are ready to press. the material is cut, ink is prepared and the material is aligned with the screen. water based inks are used and each design is hand pressed onto the material. you can find a picture of this stage in our shop bio.
THE FRAME: when the print is dry, we mat and frame the print.